Our Brands


Sungrow: Pioneering Clean Power Solutions Globally.

Victron Energy

Victron Energy - the professional choice for independent electric power.


A world leader in solar energy innovation and reliability. Power your energy future with industry-leading solar panels and solutions.


Atess Power Technology is a company focusing on solar energy storage products and EV charging solutions

Lumax Enegry

Lumax Energy has a range of solar mounting solutions for rooftop, carport , fixed tilt ground mount, and single axis tracker solution


A global research, development and manufacturing company of solar energy storage battery systems, providing high voltage, low voltage and other


FusionSolar provides new generation string inverters with smart management technology to create a fully digitalized Smart PV Solution.


Cutting-edge solar power systems provide efficient solutions for South Africa's energy needs in residential and commercial fields.


a leading manufacturer of high-quality and durable LiFePo4 home batteries, designs and makes efficient, safe, and non-toxic lithium-ion solar

Freedom Won

Freedom Won offers a range of LiTE energy storage products and solutions with proven best in class performance, functionality and reliability.


Sub Sahara Group of Installers

Step into a world of opportunity with Sub Sahara Solar’s elite group of professional installers. Our extensive training program is designed to empower you with advanced solar installation techniques, best practices, and industry insights. Become a part of a network that’s shaping the future of solar energy across the continent.