At Sub Sahara Solar, our product range embodies the pinnacle of solar technology — each item is a benchmark of quality and durability. Backed by our comprehensive after-sales support and specialized technical guidance, we ensure our installers are equipped for excellence in every project undertaken.

Solar Panels

Our solar panels are sourced from leading manufacturers known for their commitment to sustainability and innovation. With a focus on Tier 1 PV modules from esteemed brands like Trina Solar, we provide panels that promise high efficiency and long-term durability. Designed to perform in diverse climatic conditions, our panels ensure optimal energy production, making every installation a testament to exceptional engineering.


The heart of any solar system is the inverter, and our selection includes models from industry giants such as Sungrow, Sunsyn, Victron Energy and Atess. These inverters are not just devices to convert energy; they are smart management systems that maximize output and provide real-time monitoring capabilities. They offer seamless integration with existing power setups, ensuring that solar energy is a reliable and user-friendly resource for our customers.


Energy storage is a critical component of solar power solutions, and our lithium batteries are at the forefront of storage technology. We supply products from Dyness, BSLBAT and Freedom Won, among others, which are renowned for their longevity and safety. These batteries provide peace of mind with their deep cycle storage capacities, empowering homes and businesses to maintain autonomy from the grid and harness solar power day and night.

Mounting Systems

To secure and position solar panels with precision, our mounting systems from brands like Lumax Energy are designed with both resilience and versatility in mind. These mounting solutions cater to a variety of surfaces and settings, ensuring that whatever the installation - whether on a residential rooftop or a commercial structure - the solar panels are fixed in an optimal orientation for maximum sun exposure.


No solar setup is complete without the finer components that ensure its smooth operation. Our range of accessories encompasses all ancillary necessities, from cables and connectors to monitoring devices and safety equipment. These accessories are selected for their quality and compatibility with the various systems we offer, providing an assurance that every minor detail is accounted for.

Custom Solutions

Understanding that each project has its unique challenges, Sub Sahara Solar prides itself on its ability to offer custom solutions tailored to specific needs. Our team works closely with clients to assess their requirements and provide personalized package options. This bespoke approach ensures that each client receives a solar power system that is not only efficient and reliable but also perfectly aligned with their individual energy goals.


Sub Sahara Group of Installers

Step into a world of opportunity with Sub Sahara Solar’s elite group of professional installers. Our extensive training program is designed to empower you with advanced solar installation techniques, best practices, and industry insights. Become a part of a network that’s shaping the future of solar energy across the continent.